common man in bank queues, government or banks at fault?

who is to be blamed for the hardships faced by common man? who stands accountable, the government or our banks, let’s discuss and conclude.

demonetization and its effects, repercussions, pluses, minuses are being debated all over the country. tea shops, newsrooms, rails and roads are overwhelmed with discussion over this, everyone is portraying herself as a master of economics, a predictor of future events.

is this what we need?

let us put an end to this fruitless debate and focus on what matters the most. the common man is ending up frustrated, unserved and underserved at bank branches and atms. it is not to be forgotten that any government is tasked with framing policies and programmes, implementation rests on public institutions.

and banks were the foremost implementing agency when it came to serving citizens post-demonetization.

we ask- was it the job of the government to direct banks on how to manage exchange and withdrawal of currency post 8 November announcement?

we ask- what are bank chiefs and managerial staff paid for, why didn’t they frame a proper plan of action to ease the process of banking?

we ask- why didn’t banks function on sundays, why were doors shut at 5 pm, why wasn’t contractual staff hired to work extra hours, and why wasn’t corruption by branch managers checked?

give your verdict.