pragmatism or personality cult-what in politics do we want?

the show must go on, and when the show has a bearing on lives of general public, on country’s democratic credentials, on future of our youth, it has to be prevented from disruptions arising from absence of any one member, no matter how influential she may have been.

it is an undeniable fact that the demise of actor-turned-politician jayalalithaa, or amma as she was popularly referred to, is a moment of grief for the state she ruled as chief minister.

love for her was immense, she was revered, mostly on account of her spending on schemes for poor and vulnerable.

yes, the leader passed away, the state, however, and its inhabitants are still there with all the opportunities and threats that life brings with time.

the point is, indira gandhi, bal thackeray, jayalalithaa, the death of these leaders became incidents of mass mourning, states, the nation came to grinding halt. but why?

the question is, are it the deliveries of our leaders that attract such wide reverence or is it the superficial political aura bestowed by the public upon Indian politicians that works its magic, that makes people forget that it was the feudal culture they wanted to end in the pre-independence india, the same is sadly being sowed, nourished in the country, time and again.

we ask- aren’t we, the general public, at fault when we let democratic values to be superseded by personality cult?

we ask- do we want kings and queens, or leaders who may come and go, but the nation wouldn’t stop even for a fraction of second.

we ask- why are sins, corruption, autocratic attributes of politicians overlooked, are allowed to be buried under the garb of populist schemes?

give your verdict