national anthem in cinema halls- coercion or patriotism?

the debate is reignited- is nationalistic pride being forced upon indians, are civil liberties at stake, or yes, india does need this dose of nationalism. the supreme court’s order has a bearing on the lives of all, uninterrupted playing and obligation to stand are now a mandate, does that however mean a win just for conservatives or is this for us all? let’s find out.

not many have asked a question why national anthems are played prior to any international game, be it rugby, football or cricket. nor has anyone raised eyebrows on use of national flags in sports.

in india, and more so in present circumstances, any move toward nationalistic honour can invite furious debate. and so is being done on news channels and in print media.

let us put across a point. the civilised society that we are a part of has to have some borders to keep inhabitants safe. these boundaries become international borders and separate one country from the other. this country bestows upon us rights and liberties that are codified under the law of the land.

why then condemn nationalism when nation is what makes us, you may be a hindu or a muslim in india, elsewhere across the globe, you are an indian.

on the contrary, yes, civil liberties need recognition and liberal interpretation. if national anthem was to be made a compulsion, then much severe form of nationalism may be in making, and this interim order of supreme court may just be the beginning for a harder dose!

give your verdict