modi’s war on corruption is incomplete. here’s why.

corruption is no god when you live in india, its so easy to find. delhi metro that hails its success is riddled with corruption, from ticket vendors not returning change to buyers to operators at toilets not supplying receipt for every 2 or 5 rupee they charge for using metro lavatories.

in public sector banks, a common man is provided with sub-standard services, to get an incorrect electricity bill corrected, he needs to beg officials, and not to say about police stations that are nothing more but a place where genuine complaints are not heard, abetting crime and criminals has become synonymous with such places.

and it is not just the other side that is responsible. we indians are so carefree that we rarely ask for remaining balance when we buy the ticket, or ask for a valid receipt after using lavatory.

in this indian setting, we are now used to bribing the official to procure a birth certificate for a new born, we are habitual of handing over illicit paybacks to railway ticket collectors, we even bribe the government street sweeper to get work done that is officially his task to perform.

there is a lot to be done, not demonetisation alone will make the india of our dream come true.

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