plight of an indian muslim- will you rise for him?

india is declared as a secular country in its supreme law of the land, the constitution, and many political parties have used this pluralistic attribute for their own advancement. when a poor muslim, who is proven innocent by the cbi, was suppressed brutally by the system, no government or so called saviours of secularism came to rescue.

this story is covered by indian express and is a representative of how sick our society and its polity has become.

irshad ali – a resident of delhi, india’s capital –  was accused of terrorism by the police that initially used him as an informer. to achieve fame and promotion these officers charged him with crimes ali never did. the family went pillar to posts to free the man from jail but was humiliated.

and it took no less than 11 years that the cbi declared irshad innocent and the policemen were proven guilty of misconduct in the report finally submitted.

it was recommended that the destroyers of a family, the corrupt policemen, be held accountable for falsely implicating a man, but the indian system of doing things didn’t allow justice to win, impunity of officials prevailed.

this and many other stories are an evidence how democracy and liberty have failed in the so-called pluralistic indian society.

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