police need reforming- the public awaits

how many indians hold trust in the police that are seen as their primary guards? you have a complaint or not, police and their way of functioning have a bearing on your lives. but is the police resolving the concern that they are meant to? do we feel secured and sure while being under the jurisdiction of the police station near our homes?

needless to mention that many state and central police commissions have suggested wide-ranging reforms in the present policing structure of india, the supreme court even mandated urgent steps in 2006. all, however, remains in a closed box that our political leaders refrain from unboxing.

the reason is simple. police have become a tool to suppress unfavourable voices and politicians have exploited all the liberty available to them in manipulating functioning of police.

most states still have in place the police act of 1861 that was devised by our colonial rulers to curb any dissent from indians of that era. it is high time that in a democratic country, where rights and freedoms are enshrined in the constitution, police becomes a friend, not a threat.

if political will permits, the law and order function must be brought under union list and ministry of home affairs be made in-charge. this will bring uniformity in policing, much-needed accountability and easy grievance redressal.

or an independent police complaint commission be established over and above all state police organisations.

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