left is no longer left

working class and peasants inspired the formation of left-inclined political groups around the world, from soviet union to vietnam, from india to china. the groups – political or apolitical- promised to revolutionise the milieu and end the class divide between rich and the poor. today, however, these left groups are no longer leftists in their pure sense.

what was it, the economic landscape that allowed the bourgeoisie (industrialist class) to apply their harsh diktats on the proletariat (working class), or the social fabric that thrives only when someone leads and others follow? from karl marx to lenin, all stated the class struggle in their works, rarely, however, the proletariat have won any advantages, just politics thrived.

philosophy gives rise to action, and that separated capitalism from communism and socialism.

india, for example, followed socialism as a path after 1947 but treaded towards capitalism in 1980s by freeing the market. did that end poverty, did that take all children to school, did that end farmer suicides or did it empower women?

the result from china’s communism to usa’s capitalism is a mixed bag. both countries claim uplifting people from poverty and notable economic advances. both are competing to be the superpower in the new world order, and that’s the irony.

left, right or centre, any ideology it be, they are no longer what their definers defined them as. it shall be favour of all if indian political parties stop invoking these class divisions to garner votes, rather adopt a holistic policy of inclusive development.

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