dear tamilians, don’t confuse jallikattu with culture

we must all respect our cultural values, doing so carries forward the legacies of our past. but should any practice that does not fall in line with human values be allowed to continue, in guise of culture? ask for your rights, but refrain from asking a right that disturbs the balance of any learned society.

ok, you say that jallikattu dates back to the bc era and that it does not account to any cruelty inflicted on bulls. the juxtaposition is, should any practice that was followed by our ancestors be sustained just for the sake of it?

should then chennai’s female techies be confined to their homes as they did not enjoy this freedom in ancient india?

the truth is that bulls are injured during this festivity, they are treated not more than an article of play. which human sense allows any living being to be used as a device of pleasure, to excite it to extreme levels and recklessly stalk it?

a better idea will be to ask for jallikattu’s continuousness on rational reasons, by modifying its modus operandi. did you not change the way you dress in light of global shift toward western clothes? why then stick to the same jallikattu when time is high for its revision?

the central government has previously too passed an order that lifted the court’s ban. it can again help continuation of the sport if backed by a spirit of pragmatism.

do not set any wrong precedent in the name of cultural identity that will be invoked by conservatives and deprive you the freedom that you relish today.

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