for indian ecommerce, this is the only way out

india isn’t the west, it is a market dissimilar altogether; don’t assume success of online marketplace with growing number of smartphone users or the gigantic customer base, for this may be the only yet most weighty error that you are committing.

for a large customer base doesn’t guarantee a shift of sentiments from conventional purchasing habits to moving to a new terrain of ordering products over the internet.

let’s not waste much time, rather ponder upon the reasons why you are scratching your heads until now, and the future too doesn’t hold much promises.

one of the most prominent causes why only discounts attract users on ecommerce websites is because the buyer has otherwise a ready option to tread a more reliable pathway of visiting the brick and mortar store, which is most of the time in near vicinity.

india is a country where population density is high, market is flooded with shops that are located within easy reach.

number two is the sub-standard or poor quality of goods sold in indian marketplace. why your customers return substantially and why they are always hesitant in placing the order comes in backdrop of very large number of suppliers who may be best at marketing, but fail drastically on quality parameters.

in the west, suppliers assure at least some degree of quality.

india is more or less the same traditional marketplace as it was a decade ago. for ecommerce companies to survive, they will need to comprehend this distinction and alter their ways of conducting business.

applying same old formulas as put in place by amazon or ebay in the west will just burn investors’ cash, it may increase your revenues manifold, but sustainability will always remain out of reach.

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