sp, congress alliance is silver lining for bjp in up

present cm of up has dented his pro-development image for sake of some community-specific votes. he was emerging as a formidable opponent to the personality cult of narendra modi; however miscalculated greed for immediate profit superseded long-term solidity of his image.

it can be observed that akhilesh yadav was reluctant in forging an alliance that is just a win-win situation for congress, which was breathing its last in india’s largest state.

in the end, however, and with negotiations done by the topmost echelon of congress, the new sp chief lost what he shouldn’t have at this crucial point in indian politics.

when observed closely, the grand alliance of bihar may have won the polls and formed a government in the state, a politician, nitish kumar, who was seen up until the alliance was worked out as a challenge to the so-called modi-wave, lost this aura and reduced himself to politics of a state, with supports extended by tainted players.

akhilesh yadav was the favourite in up circles, whether with muslims, obc or middle and upper class hindus. while the 19 percent of muslim population is no decisive player in up, the sp-congress alliance has now distanced obc and general caste hindu voters from the party who may look to find refuge in bjp’s fold.

congress was a sinking ship and it still is; by piggybacking sp, it will not rescue itself, rather will trouble the waters for sp.

had akhilesh been a bit pragmatic and ready to stake his chief ministerial post in upcoming polls by not allying with congress, he was the next to no one in challenging the larger than life personality of narendra modi.

but the alliance will now only consolidate non-muslim votes in favour of bjp; greed for near gain will cost the sp much more than it anticipated.

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