forget infra, jobs push, india needs political reforms

let’s begin with evoking socrates who hated democracy and wanted only intellectuals to vote.

the new government may be on the path of repealing obsolete laws and currency notes, unless deserving candidates occupy the seats of policy making, no action will be sustainable for long, the change that we seek will remain elusive.

the topmost priority of india’s key decision makers must be to conceptualise and implement sweeping political and electoral reforms. holistic development of country, with inclusiveness and sustainability as elements, demand re-thinking of how indians elect their representatives to legislative assemblies and parliament. we are to admit, the ingredients that make us vote for a candidate aren’t the ones that ought to be, more so when income disparity and chronic poverty exist in abundance.

post 1947, when india chose the path of democracy and universal suffrage, we were hailed for opting what liberals thought would be the path to free india of its concerns.

being republic and democratic appear convincing in rhetoric, when you look at the composition of our parliament today or polarisation of voters during state polls and subsequent win of undeserving candidates, you can comprehend why the green revolution, bank nationalisation or liberalisation of past couldn’t lift millions out of poverty.

we lack innovation, are dependent on outsourcing by advanced economies, are producing sub-standard goods, have little or no domestic technological know-how. our schools are producing just unskilled workforce, health benefits remain just the privilege of some. why?

we may not want to steer away from our democratic credentials, for they empower the common man. nor can universal suffrage be revoked. what needs to be done is to devise a formula that allows only the deserving to reach inside the state assemblies and parliament. now how to do this is the arena of intellectuals, what is assured is an end to unsustainable and non-inclusive development and demise of appeasement and populist politics.

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