news reduced to being elitist, splendid; rationality at stake

the stories of a woman professional abducted from delhi-ncr, a young it professional murdered in office premises of an it major in pune, a rejig in india’s eminent conglomerate’s top management, add to this, shallow analysis of events and shortsighted speculations about future, are all that we are served with by print and electronic media, barring some meaningful news.

they will whole-heartedly cover, from murder till pronouncement of sentence, high-profile cases, they will form an uninformed panel to assess events (where they don’t go beyond mud-swinging and unfounded theories), they will make wild guesses on upcoming happenings, rarely, however, do they will serve their purpose.

news channels and papers are our only source of information, also to policy makers and implementers. while they are expected to dig hard and deep, what they come up with is nothing more than a insincere story. add to this inaccuracy in reporting and unwanted rush to broadcast ‘breaking news’.

is it the audience’s fault that it connects with these elitist and superficial news or the news houses’ inability in covering stories that have a bearing on lives of all, that talk rationally on social events, whether in metros or in far-flung clusters, about economy and finances, about what makes sense.

media is the most dominant pressure group that could have corrected the flaws of india’s political and socio-economic landscape, if only it had been vigilant and true to its duty. india’s failure on many counts, be it malnutrition among children or sub-standard education system, can be attributed equally to news houses as it can be to policy makers.

the country needs a retuned media, rational and insightful, one that can serve ‘news’, not sensational stories, if at all our inequities are to come to an end.

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