tamil nadu governor as protagonist in political drama

many discussions in post-independence india have favoured abolition of the post of governors. this constitutional office that many a time is accused of playing as central government’s puppet has finally been accorded a rare and golden chance to revive its lost integrity, owing to a bitter power tussle that has erupted in tn politics.

it would remain an unshakeable fact that the highest decision-making position in state government is held by a person who holds support of legislators that constitute majority in the house.

after the sad demise of jayalalithaa and consequent brouhaha, multiple power centres emerged in tamil nadu; in the short-run, however, sasikala natarajan, a former aide and confidante of jayalalithaa evolved as the most commanding.

but democracy is no politics. the tug of war cannot be a legitimate part of any democracy, for people’s will is supreme, hence politicians shouldn’t have the liberty to turn upside down the verdict of voters.

in latest developments and as a shame to country’s democratic identity, aiadmk party legislators have been confined to prevent them from ‘poaching’. it can be deduced that people’s representatives to the state legislature have been held in captivity so that their alleged loyalty remains intact.

now it’s the governor’s office that has the pivotal role to play. in view of pending verdict in graft case, the swearing-in can be suspended for the time-being, and this must be accompanied by allowing aiadmk legislators take an unprejudiced decision, all if they are freed from confinement.

the ball rests in governor’s court, he has all the blessings and chances to revive the lost glory of this constitutional office.