sp, congress, bsp propelling bjp’s growth

political landscape of india is in mess, with polarization and appeasement at all time high. although the country needs urgent and comprehensive electoral reforms, the polls in up are the present talk of the town, for state’s share in country’s legislative scene; up holds a crucial position, let us see the odds.

if it weren’t for demonetisation of high currency notes that went down well with the public at large, thanks to the patriotic flavour added to the episode, it is the specific targeting of narendra modi by sp, bsp and congress that has fueled interest of the electorate toward the bjp. in marketing, this is called hammering.

mistakes are many. the samajwadi party was treading a right path when akhilesh-led faction won the tug of war. it was then that the party misconstrued minds of voters and allied with congress, a party synonymous of scams and bad governance today.

the fall of mayawati in 2012 owing to her disconnect with public and overgenerous spending on non-public works was a lesson that political parties and their strategists couldn’t decipher.

the bjp has played its one of most intelligent moves by not projecting a cm candidate and by contesting in the name of its overtly established leader, modi. and the fuel to this engine is being given by sp, congress and bsp that are targeting modi in every public speech and other appearances.

the personality cult of modi is almost invincible today, more so after demonetisation, and the same will result in a win for the party that shouldn’t surprise analysts.

had sp not allied with congress and cycled all the way on the back of akhilesh’s pro-development aspect and had the bsp concentrated more on anti-incumbency against sp, with both steering clear of bringing modi at the centrestage in up, bjp wouldn’t be the same formidable force it is today.

that apart and by acknowledging that up polls is just another contest, polarization by all parties is again denting india’s secular fabric, and it is upon the pm to bring positive electoral changes.

form a commission to look into the matter with members from all recognized political parties and bring a bill in the parliament to cleanse indian politics, all other developmental features would follow.