‘design in india’ for being world leader, 5 do’s

numerous men of acumen and organisations predicted an asian advancement in 21st century, with india anticipated as leading the world.

but is india all set to become the leader, or even claiming the ‘developed’ tag is hard? to script the indian chapter in gold, ‘make in india’ alone cannot suffice the need, it needs pivotal backing from ‘design in india’.

hereunder are 5 crucial aspects of this scheme.

one, the country needs a new body, on lines of cbse, ugc, aicte, to administer and promote innovation. let it be termed as indian council for innovation with powers granted to set up new colleges and consolidate present innovation and research programs.

two, do not just ask for foreign investment in indian manufacturing, this can only make us the next china; for sustainable development and to keep a prolonged upper hand among global economies, breaking barriers is must. isro is a perfect example, pharma, it and bpo may look like gold, they too aren’t capable to sustain in fast-revolutionizing world that comes up with knee-jerking innovations each passing day.

third, incentivize companies that have intellectual property rights registered under their names. handsome tax breaks for such enterprises will persuade others using borrowed technologies to invest in r&d, thus will make other countries reliant on india, rather than the other way around. for this re-inventing r&d weighted tax deduction and aligning it with registration of patents, trademarks is a must.

four, india’s present workforce and the upcoming one comprises of youths with grasped knowledge. this owes to selection procedures in higher studies where worn-out patterns are repeated each year. coaching centres thrive under this setting, with production of sub-standard chartered accountants, engineers, doctors, civil servants. the resolution is to make present exam pattern qualifying and adding a new paper where aspirants be judged on solving unanticipated real world problems.

last, to inject the habit of exploring and to promote inherent talent, schools are to add one subject where students be set free to write simple thesis and research papers on any topic they feel attached with, be it art, films, science, music or marketing. these amateur research papers alone can script the golden indian chapter.