bjp’s rise isn’t historic if communal divide persists

for the first time, media houses seem to have accepted narendra modi as a mass leader. and this has not come on an unfounded belief. to decode up poll results in one sentence, it isn’t any win for bhartiya janata party, it was the unprecedented and unified shift of sentiments towards a politicians who talks reforms, implements them, without caring for how the general public or political and economic analysts will view them.

it will be modi again at the national scene in 2019 and by wisely construing events in the political landscape, it will be amit shah as his successor in 2024.

but let’s not constrain all that happened to just politics, the picture needs to be looked upon in a broader sense. india is not merely a political ground for warriors with dissimilar ideologies, it is more a society and an economy where inhabitants have a clear vision of how development and reforms must shape their lives from here on.

people hoped in similar way on attainment of independence from foreign rule, when congress was uprooted by the janata party in 1970s, then on the comeback of indira gandhi, same were the expectations from rajiv gandhi, atal bihari vajpayee and manmohan singh-led upa. reforms introduced by these respective leaders could not, however, survive for long, since politics wasn’t ever completely detached from economy owing to lack of will.

today, if the most loved politician of india, narendra modi, wants his legacy and works to stay with the country even 100 years from here on, the lpg scheme, ujjawala, and plugging of subsidy leakages cannot alone be his tools.

there is one promise that still seeks his perusal, decriminalization of politics, and astute and long lasting political reforms, for if people with vested interests and with criminal charges continue occupying key offices, this shiny picture today will soon fade off.

the structure of political reforms has to be worked out diligently and it cannot be outlined or expressed in few lines, as dedicated brainstorming by intelligentsia is what is needed. the outcomes of these reforms are however clear and they are listed concisely hereunder.

the representative of people, in state or at centre, has to be a capable decision-maker, a learned being, not someone who enjoys superficial recognition among people. be it bjp, congress or any other party leading the country, women, muslims, obc or any other vulnerable group should not feel disempowered or detached. a day when votes will be sought by professionals, not goons, with speeches laced with economic facts and figures and not communal identity of india, that day will be when india can be said to have reformed in true sense.