hindustan times, ‘let’s talk about trolls’ is flawed

dissent and aggression are two dissimilar expressions. dissent should have place everywhere, in democracy or under any political regime, while aggression only serves the purpose of sowing disquiet in an otherwise orderly society. your campaign ‘let’s talk about trolls’ is heading toward the same disaster. let’s count why.

primarily, it portrays trolls as antagonists, and let us remind you that being an adversary is like being the protagonist in today’s world. you have criticized the incumbent united states president in many of your articles, the world press did it, and see what feat he achieved.

you may accept a simple notion that more you glorify negatives, more acceptability they acquire in people’s consciousness. what until now was being looked upon as a distractor of legitimate viewpoint will now be viewed as a contender of being a critic, a counter opinion, which may not always be construed as bad.

second, you have equally portrayed women as a disempowered being in this so-called chauvinist, patriarchal setup. with women writing their columns for this campaign, it is being broadly interpreted that only females are vulnerable or better say ‘females are vulnerable’ to being trolled, harassed. you have, may be unintentionally, categorized women as weak, someone who just needs a forum to get her opinion counted, since it appears that the world at large does not consider them worthy enough.

third, your selection of columnists isn’t the most desirable. for at least one whose write-up appeared on 21 april 2017, not many will believe that she would have spared time to write such seemingly thought-provoking article. celebrities use proxies to get much of such tasks done, you know it better than us. a girl who had defied the odds like fighting family and community pressures while shining academically would have been far suitable for this job.

last, all write-ups are more or less politically motivated or allied. is it only the political landscape of this country that doesn’t allow a shift from patriarchy? what about cultural, religious and even financial landscapes that bind women within the contours of their houses, families, besides allowing discrimination at workplaces?

the campaign isn’t an absolute failure, the participants and their inclination toward shaming and condemning the politics of the day may make it one.