what about leaders of tomorrow, what after modi?

we are better placed today than yesterday; undeniably, economy is improving, business sentiments are positive, but are we scoring equally good on impartiality, inclusiveness and transparency?

gst, demonetisation, unearthing the black money are all short-term spectacles for a country that needs to overcome ages-old curse of inequality in income distribution and the deep-rooted disparity in living standards. this seems all more problematic when one looks beyond 10 years and does not find a capable leader to take over the reins from the present ones.

no political party in india can even falsely boast of being indisputably clean when it comes to corruption and misuse of power in polity; and that’s the challenge for pm modi.

while the public sentiment is heavily tilted toward the bharatiya janata party, owing to the acceptance of pm modi as pro-transparency, pro-poor and anti-dynasty ruler, what after him? what after 2024?

is the prime minister readying a new line of defense against politicians eying opportunities after him to cash in on the highly lucrative jobs of members of parliament, state legislatures?

neither the bjp organization members nor the state units represented by chief ministers, who cannot claim any extraordinary achievement or an action plan for tomorrow’s india, can be trusted when it comes to the responsibility of taking forward the vision of inclusive growth and equitable income distribution with same vigor and honesty.

the passing away of jayalalithaa and single-handedly managed parties like bsp and aitc have a lesson for present prime minister. lack of preparation when it comes to preparing a new line of managers places any organization into anarchy and downfall. it may be allowed in case of bjp but not when the country as a whole is talked about.

the nation seeks a paradigm shift in the political landscape, such that favoritism, populism, polarization, corruption do not find any place in administration of public affairs.

from overhauling the process of recruitment of all-india service professionals to either ridding the bjp of all vices at national, state, district level or coming up with an all-new way of election of representatives to parliament and state legislatures, pm modi has much left to achieve in this sphere.

if the amit shah-modi duo fail to deliver on this front, all reforms till 2019/ 2024 will be short-lived, crushed under the insensitive feet of corrupt leaders of tomorrow.