here’s what’s wrong with bjp and modi

more than 4years have passed since the country witnessed a watershed moment where a single party won electoral majority after decades of fractured mandates. narendra modi became country’s prime minister, and let us tell you why almost every second voter was thrilled- they saw the rise of a ‘chai-wallah’ from being a boy with no political patronage to occupying nation’s most powerful office. modi’s bjp could win the imagination of the electorate because one, the public found the only other alternative, congress, as a party of the powerful and corrupt; and two, modi was projected as the only savior of the poor, middle-class and corporates. another underpinning was the hindu-supremacy narrative that was propagated superbly through social media platforms by depicting the majority faith as reeling under appeasement politics of non-nda parties. modi has achieved some goals, for example, financial inclusion, increased pace of electrification and paving of new roads, a new indirect tax regime and a seemingly effective law

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sp, congress, bsp propelling bjp’s growth

political landscape of india is in mess, with polarization and appeasement at all time high. although the country needs urgent and comprehensive electoral reforms, the polls in up are the present talk of the town, for state’s share in country’s legislative scene; up holds a crucial position, let us see the odds. if it weren’t for demonetisation of high currency notes that went down well with the public at large, thanks to the patriotic flavour added to the episode, it is the specific targeting of narendra modi by sp, bsp and congress that has fueled interest of the electorate toward the bjp. in marketing, this is called hammering. mistakes are many. the samajwadi party was treading a right path when akhilesh-led faction won the tug of war. it was then that the party misconstrued minds of voters and allied with congress, a party synonymous of scams and bad governance today. the fall of mayawati in 2012 owing to her disconnect

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